Search Engine Optimization

SearchEngine Optimization

incroyablefuture technologies is the leading SEO Service provider all over the world. The arrival of new versions of Google algorithms to position us will be a new twist for all who want to achieve top rankings in the network.That's why SEO strategies are gaining greater importance for a web positioning and the rest of the major internet search engines need to take good care.

Search Engine Optimization

Five tips for understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO):
  • This is achieved through the inclusion of keywords that can reach the desired market segment
  • Whenever people seek certain word, with the proper management of social networks, the company and the brand will gain more views and higher visibility in search engines.
  • Notice of your products and services when the potential customer is looking.
  • Appear at the top of the search engines is synonymous with a successful company.
  • Marketing costs decrease over time while increasing positioning.
  • To maintain your website position on Search Engines we have various techniques both On-Page and Off-Page.

    Techniques for On-Page SEO:

  • Analysis of the web, which comprehensively study the navigation structure, Meta Tags, if the URL's are unfriendly, if redirects, if the texts have an adequate amount of keywords and if the images and videos are correct as quality and size.
  • Requirement Analysis
  • Prototype Development
  • Navigation and Appearance Planning
  • Custom Template Design
  • Exclusive Graphic Design and Image Editing
  • Database Design & Development
  • Testing and Initial SEO
  • Final Delivery
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